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Wearable Wrist Wallets for Travel, Work, and Play

Whether you are looking for a way to hold your credit cards while you are working out or running, or you want to ditch the clumsy lanyard or clip-on ID holder, Flexx ID wallets are perfect for keeping your belongings safe and secure while you are on the go. Made with durable material, Flexx ID wrist wallets have RFID-enabled, tap-and-go ID displays, zipper pockets, and multiple card slots to keep your credit cards and small belongings securely stored. Have questions? Contact our customer service today, or shop wrist wallets below.


Flexx ID Apexx 

Leather Wearable Wrist Wallet, ID Holder, & Zipper Pocket


Lifestyle | Travel | Convenience | Security

The Apexx is one of two leather wrist wallets that Flexx ID carries. Designed for comfort, convenience, and style, this wearable wallet has an RFID-enabled, photo ID slot with a transparent window, as well as three card slots and a zipper pocket for storing cash and other small belongings, which makes it perfect for traveling, great for the outdoors. 

  • Textured Natural Leather
  • 3 credit card slots
  • Zipper pocket
  • ID window display

Flexx ID Sport

Spandex Wearable Wrist Wallet & Zipper Pocket


Activewear | Comfort | Security | Workout

The Flexx ID Sport is the perfect on-go-go wearable wrist wallet designed with breathable, durable spandex-polyester blend material. With the most capacity to hold credit cards and IDs — four card slots and a hidden zipper compartment — this wearable sport wallet is great for highly active individuals, first responders, athletes, and hobbyists who want to securely store their valuables.

  • Spandex-polyester
  • 4 credit and ID slots
  • Zipper pocket

Flexx ID Wearable Wallet Collection

Flexx ID products are designed by Harold Hughes, a firefighter who understands the value of time and security. The entire collection of wearable wrist/arm wallets is designed for various professional, casual, and highly active individuals and settings. The leather wallets are perfect for professional travel and business, and the spandex-polyester blend wrist wallets are great for active professionals and first responders, as well as activities like biking, motorcycling, running, and more. Learn more about Flexx ID, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook!


Flexx ID Trekk 

Leather Wearable Wrist Wallet, ID Holder, & Zipper Pocket


Work | Play | Comfort | Security | Style

One of the best features of the Trekk wrist wallet is that it can safely store all of your wallet’s contents. Never again do you have to worry about pickpockets reaching into your bag or pockets. With the Trekk wearable wallet, you can rest assured knowing your belongings are safely attached to your wrist. This wearable wallet is perfect for travel to foreign cities or even just going downtown for a night. For more information about Flexx ID’s Trekk wrist wallet, be sure to contact us today.

  • Sleek leather design
  • Adjustable sizing for any wrist size
  • Perfect for a variety of lifestyles and activities
  • Securely attaches to your wrist

Flexx ID Pro

Spandex Wearable Wrist ID Badge Holder & Zipper Pocket


Activewear | Convenience | Comfort | Work

Tired of lanyards and clip-on badges, but still need quick and easy access to scan an ID, badge, or security door scanner? Whether you are on the ski slopes or working in a high-security workplace, the Flexx ID Pro is the best wearable wrist ID badge holder that utilizes RFID-enabled, tap-and-go display tech, and it also comes equipped with a hidden zipper compartment to store small valuables, such as keys, cash, and more.

  • Spandex-polyester
  • ID badge holder & window display
  • Zipper pocket

Flexx ID Monty

Spandex Wearable Wrist Wallet, ID Holder, & Zipper Pocket


Work | Play | Comfort | Convenience

The Flexx ID Monty combines the best elements of a wallet and a lanyard into a wearable wrist wallet with an ID badge holder that leverages tap-and-go, RFID-enabled window display technology. With three credit card slots and a zipper compartment for smaller valuables, like keys, cash, and more, the Monty is the perfect wearable wallet for active professionals, first responders, and athletes who need to take their wallet with them.

  • Spandex-polyester
  • 3 credit card slots
  • ID badge holder with window display
  • Zipper pocket

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