Benefits of a Wrist Holder Vs. a Wallet

Wrist holders are becoming more and more popular as compared to traditional wallets, as they are convenient and easy-to-use. However, there are many other benefits as well! In this blog post, our team at Flexx ID is here to explain the benefits of wrist holders over wallets. Learn more and find reliable, durable wrist holders and other wearable accessories today!

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Alleviate Back Pain, Hip Pain, and Pelvic Pain

Believe it or not, carrying a traditional wallet in your pocket can lead to some pretty severe back, hip, and pelvic pain. If you put your wallet in your back pocket and sit on it, it places lots of stress on your lower spine, including your ligaments, muscles, discs, and nerves, which can lead to conditions such as pain, numbness, and even dysfunction. By removing your wallet from your back pocket and using a wrist holder instead, you can help ensure your back, hips, and pelvic remain pain-free!

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Compact and Convenient

Whether you’re going out on the town with friends or you’re headed to the grocery store, you don’t want a heavy, bulky wallet that takes up a bunch of space. With wrist holders, you have a handle that makes carrying your wallet convenient, and you’ll never have to worry about finding space to fit a bulky wallet.

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Easily Access What You Need

There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking up to the cash register and having to dig through your pockets or bag for what seems like forever to find the card you need. Flexx ID wrist wallets provide you with easy access to the cards you need right away, so you don’t have to dig through your pockets or bags to find them. Enjoy simplicity and convenience today!

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Tired of lugging around the same old, worn wallet? Flexx ID offers stylish, wearable solutions so you can look fashionable while being practical! With a range of colors and materials, you’re sure to find a wrist holder that fits your particular style!

If you’re in need of a new wallet, opt for a wrist holder from Flexx ID! We have a wide range of options that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Learn more about our options and get yours today!