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Pick-Pocket Proof: Never Get Your Wallet Stolen Again

On any given day, we require our cards, ID-s, and keys to go about our daily tasks. All of these items, however, can be hard to keep track of when they are not literally attached to you. Flexx ID offers wearable wallets and arm badge ID holders so you can easily keep track of your belongings without having to worry about losing them or getting them stolen. Our products are not only simple and chic, but they are safe, as well. Our patent-pending design, safety features, and accessibility contribute to the success our customers experience. Shop our products to buy now!

An ID holder for your wrist

Patent-Pending Design

Our patent-pending design ensures all of your cards are secured in place. Nonetheless, we use a cotton/spandex/polyester blend which adds to the overall comfort you can achieve when you wear your wallet or ID holder.

A pick-pocket stealing a wallet

Safety Features

If you decide to go out for a night on the town, or you are on vacation, you will not have to worry about people easily stealing your belongings with our wearable collection. The Flexx ID’s TREKK USA canvas wallet, for example, is hands-free. Nevertheless, it is designed with simplicity in mind so you do not have to carry a bulky accessory on your wrist for hours on end.

Showing an ID from their Flexx ID

Wearable Identification

Whether you are at the gym, in a professional setting, or at a casual hangout, you can be certain that your ID is with you and ready to show when necessary.

A woman looking for her ID inside her purse


Our goal at Flexx ID is to add simplicity to your lifestyle. Our products are designed to ensure you can access everything you need easily and keep track of everything in one organized place. Moreover, our wearable collection makes it harder for people to steal your items when you have them right in front of you!

At Flexx ID, we want you to feel safe that your belongings are with you at all times. Our products are easily accessible and safe no matter what setting you are in. Contact us today to learn more!