What Makes Us Different

Flexx ID was born from the idea that time is a valuable asset and that there is only so much time in one day. Throughout a normal day, time is wasted on little things, even something as small as digging through a purse or crowded wallet to find your ID. Our founder set out to fix this issue with a new and innovative idea. Flexx ID is a collection of ID holders and wearable wallets that correct the inefficiency of wallets and lanyards. Designed for professional, casual, and physically active settings, Flexx ID has practical applications for all aspects of your everyday life.


Why Flexx ID Is a Better Option Than Lanyards

With Flexx ID, you can now avoid the pain of wearing a lanyard around your neck every day for your identification needs. Lanyards tend to get in the way and lack the practical application for professional, casual, and physically active settings. When you purchase a Flexx ID, you give yourself the freedom to comfortably bring your identification and your credit/debit cards with you everywhere you go. Especially in a physically active environment, lanyards are impractical and provide no match for our wearable wallets. Merely slide on our armband to your wrist/forearm area, and you are good to go!


Flexx ID Pro vs Lanyards

The Flexx ID Pro is the best wearable work ID badge holder and wristband on the market. It's the perfect solution for occupations that require lanyards, such as warehousing, manufacturing, security workers, nurses, first responders, and activities that demand quick scanning access, like skiing, biking, motorcycling, and more. The badge ID holder wallet also comes with an extra zipper pocket for storing keys, cash, and other small belongings for your convenience, making them far more superior than lanyards.

Are you ready to upgrade your wearable ID situation? Flexx ID is here to help! View our array of products, and find what will work best for you.