Company Branding

Small or medium-sized business? Or a large enterprise? Family-owned, or a structured corporation? Whatever your business, it needs branding to succeed in today’s name-focused world. Don’t fight for shirt sizes from your employees, and don’t even think about another mug. Give your employees a unique branded armband from Flexx ID — as a gift, as a thank you, a prize, and more — and never lose an ID again.


Build Your Brand

Building your brand is important now more than ever. Confidently send your employees to conferences and conventions equipped with your company’s best, because we’ve all seen too many corporate branded t-shirts.


For Businesses of All Sizes

Our wearable wallets aren’t just perfect for large enterprises muscling each other out of their customer’s mouths; they’re also perfect for a business of any size. They make wonderful, useful gifts and will keep your employees from ever losing their ever-valuable employee IDs.


A Great Gift to Employees

Nothing goes further in boosting building morale than free swag. Make your gift unforgettable, and give your employees a unique wearable wallet from Flexx ID. We have arm wallets in all different shapes and sizes, fit for all different needs; all you have to do is add your brand!


Never Lose an ID Again

Your ID is your life. It allows you to drive, enter certain businesses, and of course identify yourself for official purposes. And for the office-bound, it’s often the only way for you to enter your building. Don’t ever lose an ID again, and keep it in sight at all times, with a wearable wallet from Flexx ID.

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The world is more brand-focused than ever. Do better than a t-shirt or mug, and brand yourself with a unique wearable wallet from Flexx ID.

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