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Provides you with ease of use, easy access and display of your photo ID, bank or other document card(s).  A functional accessory that fits your lifestyle!

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Achieve security, portability, and style with our Flexx ID Apexx wearable wrist wallet.

  • Textured, natural leather wallet
  • 3 card slots and a zipper pocket for folded bills and other valuables
  • Perfect for traveling, exercising, or keeping your wallet secure

Imagine having complete security and portability with all of the contents of your wallet. Flexx ID’s Apexx wrist wallet is the pinnacle of wearable wallet technology. Our wrist wallet is comfortable and sleek, allowing you to carry all of your valuables securely and constantly within arms reach. Whether you like to travel, exercise, or just want more convenient access to your wallet, the Apexx wrist wallet is one of the most versatile wallets on the market.

We like to make sure that your wrist wallet isn’t too bulky, so we only provide three card slots and a zipper pocket for your folded bills. The zipper pocket can also be used for storing keys, lockets, and jewelry if need be. If you need a wallet that has easier access to your ID or credentials badge, be sure to check out some of our other wrist wallets like the Flexx ID Pro or the Flexx ID Monty.

  • Sleek leather design
  • Adjustable sizing for any wrist size
  • Perfect for a variety of lifestyles and activities
  • Securely attaches to your wrist

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 5.51 × 3.904 × 0.59 cm

2 reviews for FLEXX ID APEXX

  1. Justin

    Fantastic! I wear this as a first responder at a major international airport where I have to display my security badge but still need to do my job. This makes it so much easier to card through secure doors and run medical calls now that I don’t have a loose badge dangling from a lanyard. I’m hands free and security compliant. Ingenious design!

  2. Roosevelt

    This is the perfect solution to my problem. I have two mobile phones, one in each pocket. I don’t have room for a wallet. On top of that, I love the easy access to my id. My Flexx ID Apexx is comfortable and wears well. I love it!

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