Flexx ID Monty – Wearable ID Badge Holder & Wrist Wallet

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Accessible ID badge holder, wrist wallet, and zipper pouch for extreme comfort, security, and durability.

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A combination ID badge holder and wrist wallet, the Flexx ID Monty is a wearable credit card jacket that has three slots for cards, a transparent window for an ID badge, and a zipper pocket for storing small items, like keys, cash, and more.

  • Transparent ID badge holder perfect for easily accessing secure areas with locked doors
  • Three credit card slots and zipper pocket can hold keys, cash, and small items
  • Durable lightweight canvas material designed to last and go where you go
  • Display technology leverages tap-and-go technology — great for quick access

The Flexx ID Monty is the best wearable wrist wallet for all types of occupations and hobbies. Its durable and secure ID badge holder is great for accessing protected areas, and its tap-and-go enabled display technology makes it easy to get onto the ski lift or access a locked door scanner. We’re proud to support first responders — from the military to law enforcement and firefighters — as well as occupational jobs, such as students, gym members, bartenders, and more.

The durable, lightweight wallet is made of canvas material, and stitched tight to a unique spandex, cotton, and polyester blend sleeve that lets your arm breathe and allows for extreme comfort while on the job or in the gym. What’s more is that it has an external zipper pocket to carry extra small items, such as keys, cash, and more.


  • Material: lightweight canvas
  • Capacity: 3 card slots, ID badge, and zipper compartment
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 5.51 × 3.94 × 0.59 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Machine washable, tumble dry

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 5.51 × 3.94 × 0.59 cm

1 review for Flexx ID Monty – Wearable ID Badge Holder & Wrist Wallet

  1. Justin

    Fantastic! I wear this as a first responder at a major international airport where I have to display my security badge but still need to do my job. This makes it so much easier to card through secure doors and run medical calls now that I don’t have a loose badge dangling from a lanyard. I’m hands free and security compliant. Ingenious design!

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