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Travel Wallets and ID Badge Card Holders

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Fit into the lives of your students with Flexx ID’s travel wallets and ID badge card holders. Our unique armband badge card holders are the perfect way to brand your school or university and give your customers or student body a school-spirit-infused piece of swag.


Arm Bands and Travel Wallets for Schools

Don’t jeapardize your school spirit! A branded travel wallet or ID badge card holder from Flexx ID is a great way to get your school’s name out into the world. Our wallets are flexible, durable, and unique. Best of all, for school students, their IDs are on-hand at all times — no more missing wallets!

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Trendy ID Badge Card Holders for Universities

For university students, pride in their alma mater matters. Give your university students a point of pride they can wear that isn’t a shirt or hoodie. Our unique ID badge card holders are perfect for university students on-the-go, or for anyone proud of their school.

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Endlessly Brandable, Breathlessly Fashionable

Branding and fashion are a match made in heaven. Our ID badge card holders look great; sleek against the skin, and flexible enough to go wherever your students go. All you need to do is add your school’s logo or branding, and go.

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Perfect for Traveling Across Campus

Travel is a big part of a student’s day, and wherever they go, their ID cards and wallets go with them. Flexx ID’s badge card holders are flexible, stylish, and sleek, and will keep your students from losing their valuable ID cards.

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Whether you're on the job, traveling the globe, trekking the outdoors, or just going out on the town. FLEXX ID arm badge holders and wearable wallets are a functional accessory that fit your lifestyle.Contact Us