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FLEXX ID TREKK Wearable Wallet with ID Badge Holder for Quick Hands-Free Access, Secure Wallet featuring 5 Card Slots & Convenient Zipper Pocket

FLEXX ID TREKK Wearable Wallet with ID Badge Holder for Quick Hands-Free Access, Secure Wallet featuring 5 Card Slots & Convenient Zipper Pocket

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About this item

  • STYLISH AND COMPACT: Flexx ID's Trekk wallet is the perfect combination of subtle style and convenient security. The sleek finish is the perfect touch to a functional, safe wallet. Whether you are traveling, exercising, working, or just doing some routine shopping, the Trekk wristband wallet is a favorite among many customers.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: One of the best features of the Trekk wrist wallet is that it can safely store all of your wallet's contents. Never again do you have to worry about pickpockets reaching into your bag or pockets. With the Trekk travel wallet, you can rest assured knowing your belongings are safely attached to your wrist. These wearable wrist wallets for women and men are perfect for travel to foreign cities or even just going downtown for a night.
  • EASILY ACCESS KEYS & BADGES: The Flexx ID Trekk can be used as a wallet thanks to its' 5 cards capacity. You can carry your credit cards, driver's license, and work ID all in one in this compact holder. The badge ID holder wallet also comes with an extra zipper pocket for storing keys, cash, and other small belongings for your convenience.
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY: The Flexx ID Trekk doubles as a work ID badge holder and wallet. It's the perfect solution for occupations that require lanyards, such as security workers, nurses, and first responders, and activities that demand quick scanning access, like skiing, biking, motorcycling, and more.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: Unlike retractable lanyards, the Flexx ID Trekk arm badge holder is entirely hands-free and doesn't interfere with any safe workplace practices. Designed so that you can barely notice you are wearing a badge ID holder, much less a lanyard.
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    "All my coworker love this. It is a big hit in our psych hospital. Nothing hanging around our necks ( safety precautions) and it makes entering and exiting the units seamless. Great and sturdy material also. So if you are tired of your ID string popping or simply stops retracting, this is definitely the best option."

    - Deborah V.


    "My dad wasn’t ready to upgrade his old ski jacket yet, but envied my forearm pocket, a much better spot for new-style contactless RFID ski lift passes than a chest pocket. Enter this holder. Slips on comfortably over a base layer sleeve and is unnoticeable under a jacket, but puts your lift ticket in just the right place for the scanner gates to read."

    - Tim R.


    Item arrived quickly and works perfectly for me as I work in a hotel as a maintenance engineering which means I am always carrying tools and supplies, and needs to open doors constantly. The holder holds my master key so I can easily access it on my wrist instead of fumbling in my pocket for it. Love it.

    - Kui L.

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